Our Mission

SOHL Global elevates and protects the value and dignity of every human person from conception through the end of life.  We lift up those who are devalued by providing education, counseling, community awareness, support, and access to life-affirming programs.

Vision: Reach & Serve





7.8 Billion

Every Person


Are there people in your community turning to abortion because they have nowhere else to turn? Do you have people who want to serve, but they don’t have a place?  SOHL Care gives you an easy and sustainable way to have a voice for the unborn and save lives.

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SOHL Packs

Is abortion happening in your area because there is no one to talk with?  Do you have people who want to help, but they just need the tools?  Take our training and strap on a SOHL Pack so that you can minister to her with love, make a difference, and save lives. 

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SOHL Training

Do you want to save lives but you don’t know how?  Are you looking to make a difference for the cause of life and you just need the steps?  Do you want to bring hope and healing to your community? SOHL Training equips you to save lives, bring hope, and deliver healing.

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SOHL Outreach

Why are the abortion providers listed first?  How can we help reach her before they do?  How do we let her know we are here to help her?  SOHL Outreach helps you get a life-affirming message of hope and healing out to those who need it when the web is so cluttered.

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SOHL Church Engagement

Are you a church looking for ways to advance the cause of life?  Are you a ministry trying to get the church more involved in your work?  Did you know that ministries are extensions of the church?  SOHL CE helps churches launch ministries and ministries engage churches.

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SOHL Counseling

You can only take someone as far as you have gone.  Is your own personal well-being keeping you from helping others more effectively?  Learning counseling skills can help you heal yourself while helping others find healing as well.

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SOHL Connect

Do you need someplace to send her for help?  Do you need a business that can help you reach and serve her better?  Are you trying to find others who are in the fight with you?  I want to help but I don’t know where I can serve?  SOHL Connect gets you connected with life.

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One in six individuals over the age of 60 experience some facets of abuse.

Human Trafficking

It is estimated that there are over 40 million victims currently trapped in the sex trafficking realm.


There are 56 million abortions occurring around the world every year.  Help us save the lives of the most vulnerable population in the world.

Racism and Diversity

Native Americans have the highest poverty rate at 25.4% with Blacks having the second highest rate at 20.8%.


At over 1 billion, 15% of the world’s population is working through some type of disability challenge.


There are an estimated 153 million orphans around the world, with 10,000 children being added daily.


SOHL Kenya Leads the Global Way

A Missing Voice Did you know that online searches for abortion-related words most often only show abortion providers or other pro-choice organizations? Across the globe, Gen Z is a generation…