Equipping your team to deliver help and support

We recognize the many needs related to equipping a ministry to serve the populations where life is being devalued. Our training opportunities are spread across various topics that help make it easier for you to invest and serve the sanctity of human life cause.

Training Areas include:

  • Foundations for the Sanctity of Human Life
  • Counseling and ministry education for serving devalued populations
  • Marketing and outreach efforts to reach those who are devalued
  • Board development and enhancement
  • Human Development and the miracle of life
  • Promoting Biblically based adoptions

Adoption education and support leverage the services of the Christian Adoptions Alliance.

Equipping You

SOHL Training is an equipping program where we come alongside and help equip your church or nonprofit. We provide the insights you need for client outreach. Our goal is for your organization to compete with the opposition to reach clients with the Sanctity of Life message first.  

The workshops, seminars, and related training efforts are offered at no charge for churches and nonprofits using our SOHL Care, or SOHL Packs programs. It is possible that training might also be complementary to other international churches or nonprofits who are investing in the populations where life is being devalued.

Supporting You 

The SOHL Training program’s primary purpose is to come alongside our SOHL Global partners and help them be as successful and sustainable as possible.

The main focus is on serving women and families with unplanned pregnancies. However, our SOHL Training program helps you be more effective in serving your country’s populations where life is being devalued.

If you are a church or nonprofit and would like to take advantage of our SOHL Training efforts for your SOHL Care, SOHL Packs, or life-affirming ministry, please reach out to us through the Contact Us form.