Making sure she finds your help

SOHL Outreach is an equipping program whereby we come alongside and help equip your church or nonprofit with the insights needed for client outreach. To compete with the opposition, we want to supply you with everything you need to reach women experiencing unplanned pregnancies with the Sanctity of Life message first.

Outreach Efforts

You will want to use every available tool to reach women and families in your community. We will assist you with a variety of outreach options.

  • Social Media – Depending on what is available to you (WeChat, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.), we will teach you how to use social media to maximize your community outreach.
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization is vital for the effectiveness of your website. To get the most traffic possible to your site, we’ll show you techniques for optimization.
  • Online – There are several different ways to draw people to your website. Blogs, online newsletters, questionnaires, and informational e-books are just a few.
  • Support Outreach Collateral – Brochures, posters, and fliers are some of the collateral that might be created to further the outreach efforts.

A Sustainable Ministry

Most of the services we provide will be complementary to our SOHL Global partners. Our goal is to enhance the work that we’ve accomplished together. Although some aspects may have additional expenses, such as printing, our desire is for you to have a completely sustainable ministry.

The primary purpose of SOHL Outreach is to come alongside our SOHL Global partners who are using SOHL Care and/or SOHL Packs in their life-affirming ministries. We want to give your ministry the tools it needs to be competitive online. You can’t serve her if you don’t reach her. You can’t help families if they don’t know you exist.  Getting the word out and spreading the message is the focus of SOHL Outreach.

Reach everyone

Although the focus is on serving women and families with unplanned pregnancies, our SOHL Outreach program is designed to help you reach any population that is being devalued in your community. With this program, you can provide anyone with life-affirming care, support, and referrals to elevate their life.

If you are a church or nonprofit and would like to take advantage of our SOHL Outreach efforts for your SOHL Care or SOHL Packs programs, please feel free to reach out to us through the Contact Us form.